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Awakening Your OOMINI Within

Off the rack

OOMINI Organized

Get OOMINI'D through mindful minimalistic organization and planning.

Are you a new home owner or do you own a business space?  Are you looking to own a home or a business in the near future? Then this is for you!

I specialize in guiding professionals & entrepreneurs in bringing peace and minimalism to physical, and mental spaces. Allow me to help you awaken your OOMINI within by decluttering your home, mind, or entrepreneurial business plans, while weaving in mindfulness practices along the way.


More about my services:

  • Home organization (in-person): Closets, in-home spaces, business spaces, and home design & staging.

  • DIY organization (virtual): Personalized coaching to create an actionable plan to declutter and get organized in your space(s) of choice.

  • Business organization: Simplifying the process of getting started as a business entrepreneur.

  • Mind(fulness) : Decluttering the mind to become more productive. (added bonus that is always included)

Are you ready to get OOMINI'd? Get setup for a free consultation by filling out the consultation form.

Orah's Events

(Previously Imole Aye Events)

With 10 years of experience in events, we know that keeping you stress-free through planning and execution is paramount. We specialize in planning minimalistic events that keep your mind, body, and spirit aligned. Minimalist events focus less on having a lot of things and more on having quality intricate experiences in every moment. Plan your wedding, business/product launch, retreat, or any other intimate event with Orah today! Get set up for a free consultation here.


OOMINI Retreats

Coming Soon...


Nneka Aje (OOMINI'd in-person)

I am so thankful for Orah's OOMINI. At the last hour I realized I needed help organizing a huge inventory sale. With over 10 years of items collected I did not know where to start. Orah came in and identified where we could streamline the process. Next, formulated an action plan to help increase sales. I am truly grateful for her time spent helping me and would recommend her.


Sheyi Ajala (OOMINI'd hybrid)

...Orah came over, took some pictures and videos,  which I was ashamed to look because it made me look like a hoarder. She will text me each day to remind me that I need to PURGE as much as I can. 

She will often check on me to see how far, give ideas of items I could buy to accommodate my stuff. Even search online and send me links of where I could get them at reasonable prices.


She always comes with helping hands to move things around and toss unnecessary stuff lol. I now possess a more productive, generous, and more functional space with additional three new industrial equipment. And everything is accessible easily without stress. 

It was quite an awesome professional experience with Orah's OOMINI. Communication was excellent both verbally and via text, always friendly, patient, kind, innovative and supportive. Her follow up tactics are superb. She also educates on how to maintain and make it a lifestyle.


"My happy and delightful place" is what I call my new workspace. Each time I walk in, my whole being is super elated. Orah, excellent job you did. Thank you and God bless.

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